Tile: Square downpipe rain pipe rolling forming machine
Keyword: downpipe making machine, rain pipe rolling forming machine
Description: Square downpipe rain pipe rolling forming machine is designed to make the rain pipe in batch fully automatically
Square downpipe rain pipe rolling forming machine
Zhongtuo downspout pipe making machine could be used to make downspout pipes in a higher speed and good quality by 16 years in this area. For this machine, we take guide column frame style to make machine for making sure machine working speed and steady. And for the transmission, we will use gearbox with chain. The machine will be totally same as the following pictures shows.
Square downpipe making machine a
Customer drawing profile and finished product:
Square downpipe making machine b
Working process of the downspout roll forming machine:
Decoiler —-feeding —-roll forming—-press of the mould —-shearing —-formed products
Square downpipe making machine c
Main elements of the downspout roll forming machine:

  1. Usage:passive feeding,manual tension bridle. It will be used for supporting the coil.
  2. Capacity:3T

Square downpipe making machine d
Leveling system:
Usage: when coil input, leveling system will level it to make it clean and straight as from coil, it will be a little curve. Curving will affect the pipe making accuracy.   
Main roll forming system of downspout roll forming machine:
The machine was composed by the following elements: passive decoiler, one set of main forming machine, one set of hydraulic shearing station, one box of computer control station, one hydraulic oil box, two set of receiving area, one set of bending station.

Item name Parameters
Power 5.5kw
No. of station rollers 24 rollers and horizontal roller and a series of vertical roll
Transmission chain
Forming speed 8-10m/min
Supported material 0.4-0.8mm color steel sheet or GL, GI and others
Single sided coating 0.05mm
Hydraulic station power 5.5kw
Error ±2mm
Main machine size 8000 mm×1250 mm×1500 mm
Control style the high voltage control
The maximum bending 900
Function combination of bending and lock function
Elbow Bending speed 5m/ min
Power of main motor 2.2kw
Material of shearing Cr12

Square downpipe making machine e
Downspout Pipe Bending Machine
Brief introduction:
For the straight downspout pipe and elbow pipe cannot be made by one machine. When you need to make the elbow, you need to use this pipe bending machine. The following are some information for your reference:

  1. Control style:the high voltage control
  2. Supported material: Colored steel panel with thickness of 0.8mm

Square downpipe making machine f