Tile: Light steel housing machinery- C140 villa frame machine
Keyword: Light steel housing machinery, C140 villa frame machine
Description: Light steel housing machinery- C140 villa frame machine is designed to make C140 in batch fully automatically.
Light steel housing machinery– C140 villa frame machine
Compared with C89, C140 is much bigger than C89, C100 and others. C140 is good when you want to bulid higher layer building like 6 layers, 5 layers out wall stud and track. Here is C140 villa frame machine pictures for your reference.
C140 1
C140 villa frame machine working flow.
 C140 b
C140 villa frame machine parameters for your reference:

 C140 3
Item Name NO:LG-10 TYPE:89*41*10 Servo motor driven
Parameters of the machine  

Mian rolling machine

Coil Upper and lower rollers + two sets of side wheels
Main rolling machine 13 constitutive models (one of which is a waist-high forming 87-95 degree arbitrary roller set)
Levling part Two-axis two-way assembly
Pinch With transmission, upper and lower shaft gear drive
Punching  C140 4 C140 5
 C140 6
Shearing Three-piece knife cut



Main PLC control system 1 Lenovo computer + 1 main control cabinet (mounted on the side of the device)
Control software LG-R1(Buliding master Nccontrol software )
Laser coding Matthews One-piece inkjet (double nozzle, waist-high spray on both sides)
External controller The wireless remote control controls and sets an emergency stop button on the front and rear guards of the device;
Main accessories origin PLC (Omron), relay (Schneider, France), proximity switch (Schneider, France), length encoder (OMRON), servo motor (OMRON)


Servo and hydraulic system

servo motor Servo motor (7.5KW) + precision planetary gear reducer
Hydraulic station Hydraulic station power 7.5KW
Fuel tank capacity 200 liters
Main parts origin Solenoid valve Germany Rexroth


Performance parameter

Roller Roller material:GCr15
Processing technology: after CNC machining, heat treatment to HRC58-60, and then refined polishing
Shaft material:40Cr
Processing technology: after CNC machining, quenching and tempering treatment HRC28-32, and then finishing polishing
Weight 3.8 tons.

Machin color


PLC control methods

There are two connection modes between the device and the computer: wireless connection and wired connection

Receiving table

Support rack (when online production, the finished material can be placed)
With pneumatic side slip, one side set, storage table
 C140 7

Acceptance Criteria

Straightness: 10:1;
Plate type tolerance: ±1mm.
Length tolerance: ±1mm.

For the C140 villa frame machine, here are some installation pictures for your reference:
 C140 8 C140 9
C140 10 C140 11
 C140 12
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